We Believe In…

Inclusive Design to Empower All

Beautiful and functional design honors those individuals who live, work, and play in the environment being assessed; it also honors those who care for them. 

The best design begins and ends with a client-centered approach.

Productive Aging 

A person can live a productive and creative life for their ENTIRE life. 

The universal human experience of aging should foster an attitude of honor, appreciation, and enthusiasm for those who are entering the Third Age.

Respect for All

Everyone deserves respect regardless of age, race, gender, sexual orientation, or ability. We respect a person’s desire to self-direct and orchestrate their life’s journey as they age.

Gratitude and the Value of a Cup of Tea

Practicing gratitude daily is the surest way to cultivate joy.

We believe in the spice of life, seeking adventure, valuing dignity, endeavoring to flourish, and that a cup of tea soothes body and soul.