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Michele and Sara are both occupational therapists, who have been friends, colleagues, and kindred spirits for over ten years. In 2015, they began discussing their growing interest in “aging in place” and the pressing need for specialized environmental and home modification consultants in San Luis Obispo County.  Along the way, they discovered it wasn’t just those desiring to “age in place” who were underserved, but also those who had catastrophic injuries and other disabilities that impacted accessibility in their homes. They believe that occupational therapists are uniquely qualified to address home and environmental modifications to meet the needs of these individuals because their specialized clinical training gives OTs expertise in addressing the physical and psychosocial aspects of injury, illness, and aging. Michele and Sara understand that a client-centered approach is key to successfully meet the needs of individuals and their families.  They decided to put their talents and enthusiasm to good use and pursue Specialty Certification in Environmental Modification (SCEM) from the American Occupational Therapy Association and Executive Certification in Home Modification (ECHM) through USC’s School of Gerontology.  With passion for honesty, gratitude, compassion and community, Homefree was born.  Located between San Francisco and Los Angeles, they are proud to serve clients on California's beautiful Central Coast. 

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